Cute, grotesque, innovative ZRPG gameplay. Welcome to Zombiees!
Long-awaited and finally here - Zombiees! is a cutesy-styled RPG that features a
storyline with dozens of unique characters, weapons and pets to deliver you an
unparalleled experience in the vast array of zombie-themed games out there.

Starting off your journey in your hometown, you'll have to hang onto your wits
to defeat the undead and uncover the events that have led to what this place has
become. Complete quests, earn experience, gather up loot and level up your stats
to take on the bigger baddies ahead!

Will you make it through to the end, or are you just the next victim to fall in line?

Your supplies in your Zombiees! Blocks app can be scavenged and used in
Zombiees! to maximize your survival rates. It's a great way to earn some extra pay!

  • A campaign - Bristling with undead monstrosities. Who's behind this outbreak?
  • Customization - Be your own hero, or employ help from professionals!
  • Zombies - Every person is unique, why can't the undead be?
  • Tough Bosses - Get crackin' on those skulls!
  • PvP battles - Challenge other survivors to settle the mettle!
  • Tons of weapons - Because hunting style matters!
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